• Notarization of translations

We translate from Ukrainian and Russian into Polish, English, German, Spanish and vice versa:
• translation of documents (certificates, passports, diplomas, power of attorney, etc.)
• technical translation (scientific articles, graduate thesis, instructions)
• legal translation (charters, contracts)
• translation of websites (web pages)
• literary translation (personal correspondence, works)

The cost of the translation depends on the number of characters (symbols) and the term of translation.

We offer the notarization of various documents translated into Polish, English, German, Spanish: certificates, passports, diplomas and other documents. This procedure is necessary for applying documents to various state institutions - visa centers, registration services, fiscal service, passport service, customs service.

Price - from 100 UAH

Apostille is a special stamp that is put on official documents and does not require further certification in the Hague Convention countries. It certifies the authenticity of the stamp or seal which affixes the document.

The Apostille is stamped by:
• The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine - for diplomas, graduation certificates and supplements to them, documents of academic degrees conferring, etc.
• The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - for certificates and certificates of registry office, notary documents, court decisions, etc.
• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs - for documents issued by VVIR (visa and registry department)
• The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and others.

To clarify the possibility of apostilling your documents and prices - call us.

We provide interpreters and translators for:
• presentations, business negotiations, meetings, escorting of delegations
• accompanying foreign guests at events and meetings
• making phone conversations, calls abroad
• paperwork
• translation of movies and videos

The cost depends on the volume and complexity of the translation, and the length of time the translator participates in the activities.

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