Admission to the best universities in Poland

to universities in Poland

GET FAVORABLE! Until March 31, 2022, the cost of the program of admission to universities, technical schools and lyceums of Poland is reduced by 30%
From what to begin?

First step:

First you can read the information on the website and also get free information from our managers.

Second step:

You can fill documents in our office or remotely (through on the post-office).

Third step:

You can start prepare for study abroad.
Who can do it?

Every Ukranian who has:

  • for admission to the university for undergraduate studies: complete secondary education, the average mark of the certificate is not lower than 7,5 (ZNO is not required);

  • for admission to the university for a magistracy: bachelor / specialist / engineer / master's diploma from Ukrainian university;

  • for transfer from Ukrainian to Polish university: extract on subjects from Ukrainian university, transfer is possible after 1-3 courses;

  • for admission to a technical school or lyceum: certificate of basic general secondary education (after the 9th grade), the average score is not lower than 7,5.
When to apply?
What documents are required for admission to the university in Poland?
How to apply for admission?
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