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Choosing a way or method of learning English, we often fall for tricks, myths or misconceptions that slow down the process and demotivate. It is important to remember that learning English is an interesting and sometimes difficult process, because not everything and does not always work out the first time.

We propose to sort out some misconceptions together and clearly dot the "i" so that nothing interferes with the announcement soon: "I know English and speak it fluently."

We know several myths at LINGUO STUDIO:

  1. It's about the teacher. They say that your success depends on the skills and pressure of a professional. On the one hand, yes, but your effort and desire is necessary. Only a combination of professionalism and your aspiration will help you learn the language quickly and efficiently.

  1. Films in English are enough for studying.Yes and no. Rather, watching films will make it faster and easier to perceive information by ear, but to speak correctly you need practice and a good teacher.

  1. I am going to attend courses for a couple of months to learn English.The paradox of learning foreign languages ​​and the human body is that we tend to forget information that is not used. Therefore, in order to thoroughly learn English, you need practice, at least in the form of classes with a group or a teacher.

  1. A native speaker is my salvation. A native speaker will really help you learn, demonstrate correct pronunciation, teach you slang, etc. But there may be problems with the explanation due to the limited vocabulary. Basic English skills are essential even for communicating with a native speaker.

  1. To learn a language quickly and efficiently, it is worth moving abroad. Yes, we agree, teaching English in Sumy and, for example, in London are two different things. But it's worth remembering that without vocabulary, your conversations abroad will be reduced to a minimum.

At LINGUO STUDIO (Sumy) we work in a comprehensive manner so that learning is easy and calm, and your level of English improves as soon as possible. Come to our training, let's dispel all the myths!

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