Simultaneous interpreting from English

If you need to host an event where it is important to quickly translate the speaker's speech, or host a business meeting where you need to broadcast the conversations of the participants, then you need a simultaneous interpreting service. This is a special type of interpretation, when the translator makes the translation in parallel with the speaker's speech without pauses and processing time. Such translation is considered the most difficult and requires special training of a specialist.

Simultaneous interpreters at LINGUO STUDIO are special specialists who have spent a lot of time learning and training skills. At one point they perceive and analyze a word / phrase, translate it into English and immediately voice it out. At the same time, the simultaneous interpreter determines the meaning of polysemous words / expressions outside the context and predicts the subsequent test in order to correctly convey the meaning of the statement.

The services of simultaneous interpreters from English must be performed by 2 people. This is because during the translation the simultaneous interpreter is subjected to mental stress, and after 10-15 minutes he gets so tired that he can no longer fully perform his work.

LINGUO STUDIO Translation Agency successfully provides simultaneous interpreting services in Sumy. We work for:

  • conferences, seminars, symposia, meetings;
  • exhibitions, presentations and official events.

If you need simultaneous interpreting services from English, be sure to contact the specialists of LINGUO STUDIO. It is convenient, comfortable and profitable to work with us!

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